first love
Nice poem - let me exchange you one I saw yesterday and really liked, though the philistines around me all pronounced themselves unmoved; I'm not going to type it up here but I'll put it on my journal.

You might like to look at
vs - but then, I'm a pedant :-P
--Catherine Sat Mar 5 10:18:37 2005
Looking at the definition and Usage Note of "disinterested" I think I used an appropriate word...I've always been more of a descriptivist than a proscriptivist, despite what 89% of the Usage Panel says, and "uninterested" would have just sounded lousy in that context. "Apathetic" might've worked though.

--Kirk Sun Mar 6 16:59:10 2005
I really want to reorcd some flight sim vids for my own channel but I have some issues with it I hoped you could help. First as we all know, Fraps = FPS loss. Second, my FSX (Deluxe + Acceleration) really seems to lag when I land and after I land. If you know solutions to these and some good reorcding techniques, I would really appreciate the advice on getting started. Also, what program do you use for editting videos? Thanks, keep up the great work, hope to hear from you soon.
--Yael Sat Jan 12 04:30:57 2013

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