swimming in the afternoon
Huh. Wonder what the context was for the person who wrote that grafitti. Sounds like something an IT guy would write.
--Max Thu Mar 10 15:19:31 2005
Heh, probably not Crash in the techie sense. Though it does seem pretty ITish come to think of it.
--Kirk Thu Mar 10 16:07:25 2005
Being an eternal romantic, I see it much more as an emotional crash - probably due to heartbreak [which you are neither the first nor last to suffer]. Maybe that's just me....
--Catherine Thu Mar 10 16:27:28 2005
It was Chris. Probably in his 20's. Not a techie. Possibly stoned. Very probably angry. 

--YELAS Thu Mar 10 19:20:16 2005
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--mipfhu tbsuy Sun Jan 18 01:34:36 2009
My pobrlem was a wall until I read this, then I smashed it.
--Crissy Fri Jan 6 08:05:38 2012
you gotta be kidding there are many, many tgnhis far more dangerous than drinking a soft drink. Joining the military, sun tans, working the night shift in any retail store, living in a large city, while many people smoke a pack of cigarettes a day..I know of nobody who ever drank 20 cokes a day and besides Coke is´╗┐ 90% WATER
--Roxanna Sat Apr 7 01:58:07 2012

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