the way things went
The studio they did the Honda ad in was only big enough to do half the setup at a time. There's a couple second splice that was generated but the rest is real.
--xoxoxo Bruce Sun Mar 13 19:24:34 2005
Really? I thought it was fakier than that. 

In that case you have to give them props, but they probably had the budget and staff for it...

Where is the splice, any idea?
--Kirk Mon Mar 14 13:13:10 2005
splice was in the rolling muffler IIRC...been a while. They did like 500 takes before they finally got one that worked all the way through. Because they were out of time they were going to splice the good pieces together if they couldn't get it that day.
--xoxoxo Bruce Mon Mar 14 22:02:30 2005

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