outlook not so good
That is such an annoying feature of Outlook. I'm not sure, but I think later versions have a "smart tag" to allow you to change the formatting to match the destination, but Outlook 2000 and earlier don't have it. Just one of my many gripes about Outlook.
--Max Wed Mar 16 12:05:18 2005
In Praise of Emoticons:

Pick out a pleasant OUTLOOK
Stick out that noble chin
Wipe out that full-of-doubt look
Slap on a happy GRIN
And spread sunshine all over the place
Just put on a HAPPY FACE

--YELAS Wed Mar 16 12:17:08 2005
Have you tried Edit-Paste Special? It may not be quite what you wanted, but you paste as RTF, or for you, unformated text.
--/\/ick Wed Mar 16 12:36:45 2005
Copy/paste into Notepad and then into Outlook (or powerpoint or whatever). Notepad doesn't have formatting so Outlook uses the source formatting.
I keep Notepad on my quick launch bar and often find it useful.
--Dave S Wed Mar 16 14:28:50 2005
Yeah, I know this trick, but...ugh. The idea that the default behavior should be to preserve font size and face and color just makes my head hurt. It's such a non-user-centric, what an engineer would think is cool approach.
--Kirk Wed Mar 16 22:30:57 2005
In defense of colorful email....
AOL just changed its email format (as always, without notice), but this time they added the ability to adjust fonts, colors etc. and I love it! I've hated being stucek with *---* when I want to emphasize something.
--YELM Thu Mar 17 08:21:22 2005
No, I don't mind different fonts and colors and stuff...I'm past the day when I thought Pure Text Only is the only way for email...it's just if I cut and paste something in from a browser or Word document, I want the text to have MY font and color, so my email isn't a mishmash of my font and color and then the ones of whatever I'm cutting and pasting..
--Kirk Thu Mar 17 09:34:58 2005

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