of shots and shouts
I like the Sait Patty's day green you have going Kisrael.com. Now I won't have to cyber pinch you! Believe it or not, its snowing here in North Carolina! Mostly flurries, but of all the days this winter that have been sooo mild, today when I fly, it snows!
--ErinMaru Thu Mar 17 10:26:37 2005
One might argue that doing this stuff for fun separates the real GEEKS, not the real PROGRAMMERS. :)
--Max, a real geek Thu Mar 17 10:30:50 2005
Could be! But it has to be the modern, positive sense of geek...old school geekery may or may not let itself be so political. Or something.
--Kirk Thu Mar 17 13:07:55 2005
Yeah, the modern school connotation of geek is quite positive. I guess, these days, even I (a non-programmer) would be considered a geek for my interest in gaming and comics.

Nerd is the negative connotation, from what I've heard.
--Mr. Lex Thu Mar 17 14:26:33 2005
I don't know. Kirk and I have been playing with computers (and really, playing is the right word) since the early '80s. It's hard to deny our old school geekiness, whatever the connotation.
--Max Thu Mar 17 15:22:37 2005
Oh well. I still like my new creation.
--Kirk Thu Mar 17 16:44:11 2005
'tis cool, indeed.
--Max Thu Mar 17 17:04:30 2005

I'm think I'm a geek, but I don't really program nor am I good at video games or big into comics...

But at least I KNOW I'm not a nerd!
--Candi Thu Mar 17 18:31:17 2005

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