it's a dogs life
In Henry Rollins' latest DVD he tells the story of recording that track.

Also, I heard they recently bred a coyote that wags his tail when happy and exhibits other domesticated-dog behaviors. I forget where I heard it though.
--Nick B Fri Mar 25 13:27:39 2005
Pulp r t3h GODS! (they originally did the song, Common People)

And oh god, I didn't realise Rollins was in on it too. The horror.
--Catherine Fri Mar 25 15:04:20 2005

It made me go "oooh!"
--Candi Fri Mar 25 17:40:33 2005
I think the new image is kinda cool, but I don't like it for the page heading. It doesn't really seem to go with the rest of the design, including the stark black and white thing that was being discussed the other day.
--Max Fri Mar 25 20:06:56 2005
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern ++
Has Been ++

P6Spy sound useful in cases where you haven't been blessed with the ablity to use Hibernate. If I'm ever back in that salt mine I'll keep it in mind.
--John S. Sun Mar 27 00:36:17 2005

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