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The applet that you posted on the 17th works fine for me, but when I try to use k/stencil, I get "error: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: java/lang/StringBuffer: method indexOf(Ljava/lang/String;)I not found"... I'm not sure if I need to have something further set up on my computer or what.
--therosser Sun Mar 27 19:54:30 2005
Odd! Maybe that's a recent change to Java? Do you have any idea what version you're running?
--Kirk Sun Mar 27 20:04:21 2005
According to http://javatester.org/version.html , I'm running Java Version: 1.1.4 from Microsoft Corp. Perhaps I need a different version? Which version do you have?
--therosser Sun Mar 27 20:14:47 2005
Java 1.4.2_07 from Sun on mine. Can't find an old definition of StringBuffer via google though
--Kirk Sun Mar 27 20:39:01 2005
Awesome, I installed that java version and it works quite well... Looking forward to trying this out with alternate images!
--therosser Sun Mar 27 21:15:34 2005
Cool. I'll try to work on the upload feature soonlike. 
--Kirk Sun Mar 27 22:07:34 2005
I say Kstencil, with a silent K, of course, but people might think its something for KDE...
--Eric Mon Mar 28 10:20:44 2005
The funny thing about my "k/" prefix is that means I can hardly ever use that as the name of the physical file, since / is a special delimiter in most OSs...
--Kirk Mon Mar 28 10:50:53 2005

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