javawesome, baby
Removable magnetic media? Wow, that brings me back to fond memories of high school...
--Eric Mon Mar 28 10:02:54 2005
What, VCR tapes?

The main problem with tape-based magnetic media is that it's so linear and doesn't generally lend itself to random access. 

Floppies were more or less ok. At least the 3.5s... 5.25s were funny. I saw some similar 8" ones used with some old academic hardware, and it reminded me how old school the the 5.25s really were.
--Kirk Mon Mar 28 10:11:49 2005
The last computer I bought that had a floppy was a powermac 7200/75, back in 1995 I think, although most of the ones they have given me at various jobs have had them. I think I may have had a zip drive at some point as well, but a VCR? Jeez, I don't know when I last used one of those.
--Eric Tue Mar 29 09:45:47 2005
I have a few movies I can't get (or can't be bothered) to get on DVD, including some video yearbook and taped high school plays maybe I should get transferred some day. Plus it's the poor man's neighbor asked me tape some presidential debates last fall.
--Kirk Tue Mar 29 10:09:51 2005

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