is it live or is it memorex?
I used H&R Block online and went through the Website. I could've done my Fed taxes pretty much for free, but I took the whatever it costs have a professional look at before they get sent option. I also did my State taxes online. I only had a couple problems and had them addressed through a bulletin board system. The Fed option cost pretty much as much as they originally quoted, but for State return, it felt like they tacked on something at the end. My main problems came from them not providing (A) a practically useless definition to some term that someone entering their mutual fund/stock information for the first time wouldn't really recognize, (B) the person who answered my questions on that one really acted as if I should have known the definition to it in the first place and (C) they neglected to provide the address to the IRS to send some signature form, so I had to ask them. Regarding the "live" customer service people, I sometimes think the main problem is that they pretty much hire people right before tax season and teach them a whole bunch of crap, rote rather than have actual accountants who've been doing this stuff for years. I can see why, too, even with the exorbirant amounts charged for walk-in clients, the accountant would get paid bad wages compared to if they offered their tax services solo. H&R Block is like the Walmart of tax form people except they charge somewhat high fees. At least, that's my experience.
--Mr. Lex Tue Mar 29 07:03:15 2005
I've been very happy with TurboTax. They also plug additional services too much, but their interview process is great. I've always had a lot of success with it.
--Max Tue Mar 29 07:50:07 2005
I've used TurboTax and TaxCut, and I probably prefer TT a little more, but it's hard to tell them apart in my recollections. I only switched because TaxCut was basically free thanks to a rebate offer. (TurboTax usually has good rebate offers, too.) I'll probably go with TT this year, unless I can find the form that lets me file over the phone, as I did last year; easiest it has ever been.

The only think I don't like is that after spending some $10-20 on the tax program, I've got no incentive to save the IRS any money by paying $15 for electronic filing (or even $5, heck!) when I can spend that much on a sheet of stamps that'll last me all year and use on stamp to just mail the sucker to the IRS processing center in Utah.
--LAN3 Tue Mar 29 14:19:07 2005
With TurboTax, there's a mail-in rebate for the $15 filing fee. Also, if you have a refund coming, there's a big incentive to file electronically: you get your refund more quickly.
--Max Wed Mar 30 09:11:15 2005
No refunds for me! I think both Mo and I neglected to change our married status at our respective employers.
--Kirk Wed Mar 30 12:06:11 2005

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