31 on the 31st
Happy birthday on you
Happy birthday on you
Happy birthday all over you
Happy birthday on you
--xoxoxo Bruce Thu Mar 31 06:03:36 2005
Festive greetings n stuff. Will you be having a raucous party filled with lapdancers and squirty cream?
--Catherine Thu Mar 31 07:29:22 2005
Bruce, that's the most disturbing thing I've read yet this morning... I'll have to file that away for future reference, thanks!

Catherine, actually the party with the photos I posted earlier are about as raucous as it's going to get...the dinner w/ the family and girlfriend is likely to be even "less lapdancery", if indeed the state of "lapdanceness" is a spectrum and not just a boolean function.
--Kirk Thu Mar 31 07:48:29 2005
You are *such* a geek! ;-)
--Catherine Thu Mar 31 07:57:05 2005
happy 31st, and many more.
--FoSO Thu Mar 31 08:57:51 2005
Happy b-day, Kirk!
--Mr. Lex Thu Mar 31 10:04:44 2005
Happy Birthay to the only blogger I'm obsessed with! ;)
--Candi Thu Mar 31 10:59:26 2005
Congratulations on yet another year where you didn't die.
--Cordelia Thu Mar 31 11:30:28 2005
Happy x1f birthday!
--/\/ick Thu Mar 31 12:16:51 2005
Nick, I don't get it...
--Kirk Thu Mar 31 12:40:26 2005
Sweet present to all of us Kirk, Terri Schaivo passed away today. Now she can be at peace and maybe we can quit hearing about that case in the news once and for all. Now for a bonus birthday present to us, can you get the Michael Jackson Case to end like Yesterday?!?! Thanks. And oh yah, Happy Birthday big guy!
--Leona Thu Mar 31 13:26:08 2005
You don't get it? Hang your head in shame. It's HEX x1f = 31 decimal
--/\/ick Thu Mar 31 15:56:54 2005
I'm not gonna hang my head in too much shame...for one thing, I've only seen hex prefixed with "0x", not "x", and further confusing things (and making me think it was some misguided roman numerals) the one looked like a lower case l...
--Kirk Fri Apr 1 07:16:50 2005
Happy belated.
--Beau Fri Apr 1 08:11:41 2005
OK, maybe my comment was a bit harsh, sorry old boy. It does remind me, however, of a pair of geeky jokes (which I'll share with you now). Q: Why do computer engineers often get Halloween and Christmas mixed up? A: Because OCT 31 = DEC 25  

If you understood that one, then you'll have no problem with this one: "There are 10 kinds of people in the world; those that understand binary, and those that do not". Trying to explain either of these to someone who does not immediately get them, is an uphill struggle, and when you do finally get there, for some reason, they recipient of this new found understanding does not seem to appreciate the humour.
--/\/ick Fri Apr 1 11:10:15 2005
Thirty one times around the sun. Congrats. :)

--AuSkeptic Fri Apr 1 11:42:59 2005
Yeah, I was really amused the first time I saw OCT 31 = DEC 25...actually I didn't believe til I worked out the math myself.
--Kirk Fri Apr 1 11:51:56 2005
Is the OCT 31 = DEC 25 an ASCII thing?
--Mr. Lex Fri Apr 1 15:52:12 2005
It stands for
"31 in Octal is 25 in Decimal" -
Octal, which is what we would count with if we didn't have thumbs, has an "eights" place rather than a "tens" place, so OCT 31 = (3 * 8) + 1 = 25 in decimal.

But of course it's a little joke because they look like holidays...actually you don't see "OCT" and "DEC" used that often as abbreviations for numbering systems, but counting in 8s or 16s comes up enough in computers that geeks can get it.
--Kirk Fri Apr 1 16:14:40 2005

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