All of the "previous works" you have listed on the k/stencil page fail to load on my work machine (IE 6 w/MS Java VM). There's an error in the status bar:
java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: java/lang/StringBuffer: method indexOf(Ljava/lang/String;)I not found
--Max Thu Apr 7 06:56:06 2005
w00t! I shall send it to my brother for his birthday. Thanks!
--Catherine Thu Apr 7 07:30:06 2005
Max, yeah yeah, youre running an old JVM - try http://javatester.org/version.html and see what it says
--Kirk Thu Apr 7 08:24:26 2005
Well, I guess it's true that many of your readers are geeks, so it's safe to assume most of them will have an updated Sun Java VM. Still, in a corporate non-software-developer environment, it's not unusual to have the MS Java VM.
--Max Thu Apr 7 16:24:20 2005
Yeah, it's not the MS Java VM that's the problem per se, it's that its OLD.

I might try to look up a repalcement for that line.
--Kirk Thu Apr 7 16:37:48 2005
That would work IF you were to make payments on the creidt card while you still had zero owed/interest. Otherwise, when the 0% interest time period is up, you'll get ALL the back interest added onto your total amount owed. It'd have to be done about 60 days before the 0% is up. Balance transfers aren't done overnight. My mom had excellent creidt  did what you're wanting to do. She made the payments like she would have to a finance company, but to the creidt card company for the whole time of her 0% timeframe. Right before it was up, she got some money from an accident settlement  paid it off. The creidt card company tried to attach an early payoff fee penalty. She fought it & won; they had to eat the fee. Sounds like a good plan to purchase the car. Just make sure to read ALL the fine print of the 0% card(s) so that you don't misunderstand one inch. AND so you can avoid any hidden fees. Was this answer helpful?
--Dewi Sun Jan 6 00:45:50 2013

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