mount monadnock here i come
Culling my bookshelf, came across the Book of Common Prayer. Forgot I had it, inside the cover was a small toy doller bill. Oh, yeah, I used it as a prop one Halloween when I dressed as a TV evangelist. Funny thing is, next to it on the book shelf was the Communist Manifesto, also can't remember where or why I got that (class?). My bookshelf is an ironic statement of me. I don't know where the Prayer Books and Manifestos are, but I can find the erotic picture books no problem. 
--ErinMaru Sat Apr 9 09:38:21 2005
Hey, have fun hiking!
My bookshelves are a statement of me too - an LJ friend got us all to take photos of our bookshelves and post the pics as an introduction to ourselves :-)
--Catherine Sun Apr 10 05:04:02 2005

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