utilitarian universalism
Will the revolution be televised at a reasonable hour?
--LAN3 Tue Apr 12 12:44:49 2005
I'm shocked that I found this info so eialsy.
--Dreama Sat Sep 10 09:43:09 2011
I wholeheartedly agree with your post on Lextran and rgenoial transit.Some of us are working to get Dr Dan Mongiardo to come to Lexington and find out more about his thoughts and plans for rgenoial rail. I have blogged about this in the past few weeks and hope to meet with Lextran in the near future.
--Pasha Tue Jan 8 07:20:43 2013
Sara,,, I would like to be able to attend tohnigt but have other obligations  Are you able to update for our next Board meeting individual boats in the dry storage area that are out of compliance for more than a year???  What action is your committee taking to get them off the SSS property or sold???
--Ozan Tue Sep 17 11:21:25 2013
Our fava beans are up and doing well.Did you plant for ground cover only then plow them into soil later befroe or after flowering ? or will you let them go to harvest the beans befroe plowing them into the soil? I assume your fava beans are winter ground cover for plowing into the soil for nitrogen in the spring, and then later using the same soil for summer tomato and other veggies, is that right?
--Zakiya Thu Sep 19 10:23:23 2013
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