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Career-wise Java would be better, if you like money that is. Java will be around for another 10-15 years minimum. PHP is popular but is crap from an enterprise development standpoint and will never shake its stigma (see VB for historical evidence of "toy" languages being maligned no matter how good they get). If you want to build a career making little sites (which can be rewarding), go PHP. If you want to build a career building big fancy sites, go Java. And from an "ease of distribution" standpoint PHP wins almost uncontested, because very few people can set up a java server environment, while PHP is on practically every webhost out there.
--Eric Wed Apr 13 12:21:41 2005
Eric, nice analysis, thanks.

2002-era PHP drove me nuts...besides the way that an iterator for a collection is kind of embeded in the collection and needs to be "reset" if you use the array twice, some simple code I had for walking a two dimensional array just didn't work...a bug in the language though they claimed it was more of just a bug in the documentation.
--Kirk Wed Apr 13 12:24:50 2005
aviva = spring in hebrew.
--mara Wed Apr 13 14:24:00 2005
OK, an Israeli dot com...

Spring as in season, or Spring as in water?
--Kirk Wed Apr 13 18:00:44 2005
I used to work with a Sky at the library. He is by far one of the best people I have ever met.

One day, I had to get someone to cover for me, and the only one that could was Sunny.

So instead of Candi/Sky it was Sunny/Sky!
--Candi Fri Apr 15 07:47:23 2005

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