i love that robot they call bumblebee... bumblebee!
cool art if you've not seen it:
--MC Thu Apr 14 15:18:23 2005
THX that's a great aesnwr!
--Githa Sun Apr 24 04:02:42 2011
yvdrV8 Scribbler, give me a student's record-book!)))
--buy oem software Sun Feb 12 02:33:47 2012
, Made in the USSR. In sports, I wchtaed football. The Washington Bullets (now the Wizards  ugh) had peeked in the late 70s and seldom broke 500. The Redskins were great, and I hated the 49ers.I remember Mondale always had a sunken look, as if someone had just beaten the crap out of him. And he ran on a platform that promised to raise taxes. And Dukakis and Willy Horton.All the chicks digged Don Johnson from Miami Vice (also recently made into a movie)  quite possibly the dumbest cop show ever.Van Halen still made great music with David Lee Roth, but all good heavy metal music ended once Quiet Riot had a hit song. And Modonna started churning out hits, so that even pop music really started to suck. Real rock music lovers turned to U2, which was a good band in the 80s before they turned gay in the 90s. The Who still made some good tunes early in the decade, which made them the last of the really great rock bands to make any decent original music. One could argue that after Elvis died, it was only a matter of time The two best movies of the 80s were Henry V and Crimes and Misdemeanors, both competing for the best picture Oscar in 1989 and losing to a far worse movie Driving Miss Daisy. The 80s saw the worst movie to ever win best picture: Out of Africa. In the 80s, a guy could still perform major repairs on his car with tool purchased at Sears.And the CD brought a rush of new classical music recordings, as conductors and orchestras raced to make all-digital versions. Listening to the CDs I bought from back then, I'm appalled. They sound terrible, especially the DG recordings  glassy strings with harsh or empty sounding orchestras. Engineers seem to have gotten a better grasp on the subtleties of digital acoustics since then. Now I carry a 2 oz iPod that holds 100s of pounds worth of CDs and makes them available at the touch of a button.
--Oscar Thu Sep 19 10:45:21 2013
Haha, kids are resourceful ltitle tackers when they want to be!Happy WW (even though I am a day late I have had this screen open since yesterday and have only just gotten back to the computer)
--Ivanildo Thu Nov 21 21:14:49 2013

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