saturday / what a day / rockin all week with you
'Screw the roses, send me the thorns....'

And, an apartment with more than one floor is a maisonette. Pretty cool idea, I think. My ex had one.
--Catherine Sat Apr 16 15:35:47 2005

I do like the word "flat" relative to "apartment", mostly because of the economy of syllables.

Actually, I wonder if I could start saying "flat" around here without sound pretentious.
--Kirk Sat Apr 16 16:07:42 2005
I said that? I don't recall, but I may have been refering to the video game rooms you set up. form follows function.
--ErinMaru Sun Apr 17 15:09:41 2005
Honestly...I thought it was you, but it mighta been someone else. I know it was around the time of the party, and I think said by a female, and you fit the bill.

So if it wasn't you really, maybe it was you poetically...
--Kirk Sun Apr 17 15:36:52 2005

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