the hand that builds the cradle
I think that's the best thing I've ever seen!
--Candi Tue Apr 19 06:50:18 2005
One thing that bothers me about Lego constructions is that they're always a million different colors. Apparently it's hard to get enough of one color to do anything useful.
--Nick Bensema Tue Apr 19 14:40:08 2005
Well, kinda, yeah...more like, when you're pawing through your pile and you find the right piece with the wrong it really worth still hunting for?

I did try to have some sense of color, sticking with white, grey, black, and blue, and one hidden dash of red, shunning yellows and green (save for the base) and other more primary colors....actually the base is one of my oldest favorite pieces, it was my spaceship foundation til I got more and better parts.

Of course, Lego hasn't helped the situation by adding in more shades....that kind of gunmetal blue wedge pieces on the right aren't of a color I grew up with...
--Kirk Tue Apr 19 15:50:55 2005
In my household we called them 'Lego pieces' or 'Pieces of lego'. I recently attempted to purchase add in sets for the cart full of hand-me-downs my daughter plays with... but they just seem to be bringing out crap these days. Oh well. I gave up!
--Wing and a prayer Wed Apr 20 09:09:41 2005
I really wouldn't call it crap.

The designs are really quite neat these days, I think. I used to think "oh I could make better sets than this" and I don't think that anymore.

The upside to specialty pieces is they do allow for cooler and less boxy designs.
--Kirk Wed Apr 20 09:35:22 2005
Just a fan of the old-fashioned blocks I guess.
--Wing and a prayer Thu Apr 21 06:47:43 2005
Hum, I just wonder why you dumped out 3,000 piece's, to find 20. But that is just me... Nice real life help from the wonderfullness that is Lego-land. 
--Just me. Wed Mar 8 14:29:15 2006
Because it's hard to find the 20 when they're buried in a box of 3,000! You need to maximize the exposed surface area to increase your chances of finding the right pieces.

And 20 is definately too low of an estimate, though I'm not sure what the total turned out to be...
--Kirk Thu Mar 9 09:56:21 2006

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