dundundundundununDUN-- TEQUILA!
Tried the delayed comment review. . .intimidates me with the massive amount of content.
--Mr. Lex Wed Apr 20 13:56:05 2005
Well, it was mostly a specialty tool for me, but I thought I'd post it as a link...
--Kirk Wed Apr 20 16:16:22 2005
Oh. OK. BTW. . .2012, been fascinated with that prophecy for years and years. After moving out of seeing it as a form of apocalypse, I've started interpreting more as 'end of the world' in the sense of 'end of history,' or at least, 'the end of linear time' or just some crazy 'end of how we relate to reality.'
--Mr. Lex Wed Apr 20 17:23:35 2005
Yeah, I guess we can hope that maybe it's that "Age of Aquarius" *good* thing.

Turns out those poker bastards are still at it, I've put in some checks. 
--Kirk Wed Apr 20 17:33:15 2005
add a simple captcha, you only need images of a few distorted words to rotate through, they'll get rid of the robots.
--Mr. Ibis Wed Apr 20 23:29:33 2005
Nah, that's too much of a pain in the ass. I don't want to discourage people like that.
--Kirk Thu Apr 21 07:42:27 2005

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