that's entertainment!
I am living the snow. Had over 8" on my car this morning and it was 59 outside when I left work ... go figure.
--Beau Mon Apr 25 17:47:14 2005
Your site rocks. I love reading the quotes you pick out - so funny/insightful/boneheadedly awesome. Have you ever read "Checker and the Derailleurs"? There are some great quotes in that book...
--MissingNight Mon Apr 25 19:06:54 2005
hey hey, unsolicited praise! That's even better than the stuff I have to grovel for!
--Kirk Tue Apr 26 12:27:17 2005
Please teach the rest of these itenrent hooligans how to write and research!
--Adeoye Sun Jan 6 10:47:11 2013
You are soooooo adrlobae, Janie! Your playful nuances and mannerisms reach out through the video, so it feels like you're sitting right across from me and wow, your hair looks a bit like mine in texture and color (I colored my lighter blonde hair dark blonde recently and may even go brunette yikes, my natural hair color I last showed back in 8th grade). Well, I think your new do is much a do about nothin', and although it looks like our girl's gonna have sum splainin to do I'm sure she'll creatively manage the hairy situation with her usually smooth style. Luv ya, babes xxoo xxoo
--Priya Mon Sep 16 12:01:17 2013

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