the waste vastland
Now I feel dumb because the shows I watch aren't 24 and The Sopranos.
--Nick Bensema Wed Apr 27 14:54:17 2005
If you read the fine print it says that the study was funded by FOX and HBO.

--LAN3 Wed Apr 27 15:20:51 2005
I wish they would have mentioned more sci-fi oriented shows than Lost and Alias. I'm of the opinion that a lot of this trend has grown recently because of sci-fi shows like Buffy, Angel, Farscape, etc. etc. even though the crime dramas and "regular" dramas have done a fair amount to do it. Otherwise, yeah!
--Mr. Lex Wed Apr 27 15:30:27 2005
Yeah...I never got too deeply into but I think "Babylon 5" really set a high standard for well-crafted shows, with long story arcs and interwoven story lines and getting away from "reset by the end of every episode". the "Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5" was *fantastic*, with excerpts from the creator's posts on Usenet as well as deep analysis about all the threads in the show.
--Kirk Thu Apr 28 08:05:10 2005
I'm actually watching Bab5 for the first time. Almost done with season 3. I'm blown away, even though it does get a little cheesy at times.
--Mr. Lex Thu Apr 28 12:40:52 2005
Do you follow up by reading the Lurker's Guide?
--Kirk Thu Apr 28 14:01:02 2005

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