You must not be a sports-video game kind of guy, otherwise Tecmo Bowl and Super Tecmo Bowl for the NES would have definitely merited a nod.

--Tecmonster Thu May 5 14:07:12 2005
Wiki is a general technology/concept for community editing of content. Wikipedia is the name of a particular web site that uses wiki technology to create something resembling an encyclopedia.
--Max Thu May 5 17:01:44 2005
Isn't there a search field in on These days, if I can remember to do so, I look there first when looking up nerdy, academic stuff.
--Mr. Lex Thu May 5 18:32:17 2005
For some reason I never got into tecmo bowl though I understand it's a fine game. For NES sports, I loved Double Dribble and Blades of Steel.
--Kirk Thu May 5 22:35:38 2005

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