adventures in photo printing
Wow! That's complicated. Maybe it has something to do with my digital camera, but when I upload my photos to Ofoto and my girlfriend orders them from there at fairly conventional sizes, they look pretty good and the cost is pretty low.

How about CVS? I heard they have good kiosks, also.
--Mr. Lex Tue May 10 12:39:10 2005
I usually just use 8.5x11 photo paper in my inkjet and cut.
--Max Tue May 10 12:59:35 2005
Well, they're probably cropping, but if you don't have anything near the edges you might not notice. I didn't want my mountain picture center-cropped though because it was off-center to begin with.

Arguably I'm too concerned about cropping, since the photo frames I got all cut off a bit more of the edge as well.

Ofotos not bad, and I've heard good things about Snapfish.
--Kirk Tue May 10 13:01:05 2005
that was my plan Uncle Bill didn't have the paper though.

2 questions...are photo printers smart enough to not waste ink printing "white" for a border?

Also, I guess you have to be very sure that your printer doesn't rescale, and/or your software is aware of the "printable area" of the printer. I got good results using Word, for instance.
--Kirk Tue May 10 13:03:14 2005
As long as the color is true white (#FFFFFF), my HP DeskJet interprets that as "do not print anything." In a sense, it has to be that way, as there's no white ink.
--Max Tue May 10 13:32:14 2005
Well, I assume it has some way of printing #FEFEFE light grey, or whatever...they don't make lighter colors just by letting the photostock show through "more", do they?
--Kirk Tue May 10 13:36:48 2005
I did something similar for scanning in photos for my (then infant) son's website photo album. I set up a bunch of profiles with different DPIs and defined sizes, both horizontal & vertical. For each photo is was a simple matter of putting it on the scanner, doing a preview, selecting a profile which fit the desired portion of the image, and dragging the selection box around the preview. It was funny how many horizontal photos were better cropped vertically & vice versa.
--ericball Tue May 10 13:45:13 2005
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--qzmlh fnizpoawk Sun Jan 18 02:02:08 2009
Although I have not been able to get around the City Daily Photo Blogs as much as I would have liked these past few motnhs, especially since the last heart attack, I'd like to drop in at this time to wish you and your family the very best wishes for Christmas.From Curly at .
--Alihusen Sat Jul 7 03:32:55 2012
I found your blog by pure luck and I really love it. You have a beftaiuul daughter, you must be so proud of her. We are also parents of a beftaiuul baby boy who is now 6 months old. We would love to have you do a few pictures of him on anything you think would be nice, like a butterfly, or a horse. I am sure that what ever you pick would be good. I am emailing photo's of him, his name is Brandon. Look forward to hearing from you Frank and Eileen.
--nur Sat Jul 7 10:32:53 2012
I am so proud of my little Hadassah, she is such a good baby and so cute. I love this blog Lisa, now I can awayls see my little girl and know what is going on in her life. It is going to be so hard not to be with her all the time!! Keep up the good work and remember I love you all. Mom (Nanna)
--Phyllis Thu Jan 17 23:37:41 2013

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