how'd you get go funky? did you do the monkey?
Tut looks quite feminine. Then again, how old was he when he died? That could explain the androgyny.
--Mr. Lex Wed May 11 08:37:05 2005
I think it's partly the eyeliner making him look so, and the complete lack of hair making it difficult to fix him to either gender. I think he looks quite cute myself :-)
--Catherine Wed May 11 09:51:56 2005
Yeah well I look a LOT like my mom as well.

Tut's kind of like that blad chick from the first Star Trek movie.
--Kirk Wed May 11 10:33:51 2005
I kinda think the lips kinda work toward my impression of it, but. . .that might also have to do with other factors, too, but yeah the eyeliner and no hair does create the effect, too, for some reason.
--Mr. Lex Wed May 11 11:56:07 2005
kinda reminds me of Demi Moore
--Candi Thu May 12 06:49:25 2005
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