beachy keen
Looks really nice...:-D
--Catherine Sun May 15 17:42:45 2005
Indeed, quite lovely.
--LAN3 Sun May 15 21:16:21 2005
Keep it coming, wietrrs, this is good stuff.
--Vicki Fri Sep 9 21:49:06 2011
You cltariney should make Friday, as it seems that’s a bulk of what I’m doing. Beyond that, I can see why you may not want to attend. After all, what do Dave Wolverton-who-is-also-Farland or Brandon “I Write Even When I Sleep” Sanderson or any of the others possibly have to offer in comparison? NYT best-sellerdom… who cares about that?
--Katy Sat Feb 11 22:19:40 2012
Hats off to whoever wrote this up and psoted it.
--Rosie Thu Jan 17 13:48:11 2013

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