"sith! sith!" "yeth?"
I'm of the same opinion about the first two episodes, even though I think it would have been better to combine the two, cut out the chaff, have the second episode be about the Clone Wars then have Revenge of the Sith (been hearing it's good even though it's riddled with bad parts).
--Mr. Lex Thu May 19 09:29:00 2005
I enjoy the retrospect! It's nifty.
--Candi Thu May 19 15:04:46 2005
Yeah but...you like EVERYTHING I do, more or less ;-)
--Kirk Thu May 19 15:34:11 2005
haha it's not my fault you're that great :p
--Candi Thu May 19 21:05:42 2005
still don't get the "worth1000" meaning
--Anonymous Coward Thu May 19 22:52:45 2005
A.C.: Well, a picture is worth...?

Get it now?
--Kirk Fri May 20 06:47:28 2005
Heh! "Don't know Sith from Shinola"..."Darth and stormy knight"....well worth the read!
--YELM Fri May 20 06:54:17 2005

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