You realize that the contents of the whipped cream, or "whisper cream," containers are pressurized, right?

At least, that's my theory behind the difference between what it is in the container and what it becomes when it comes out of the container.
--Mr. Lex Fri May 20 11:07:15 2005
Yeah, he's right. It's all that there science. And I also know what you mean about your whipped cream paranoia; if you get the wrong thing, (even if you went on their faulty information) then you've failed; if you get the right thing but they can't use it then it's not your fault, is it?
And whisper cream is lovely. I shall have to remember it.
--Catherine Fri May 20 12:08:41 2005
Lucas seems to have a limb-severing fetish: Luke loses a hand in EPV; Vader loses and arm in EPVI; Anakin loses an arm in EPII; and EPIII is full of such severings (5-7, I think). Surely there is some Freudian meaning in all this ...
--Handsfree Fri May 20 13:44:10 2005
EPIII has at least five severed hands, one arm and two legs. 
--Sean Conner Fri May 20 14:26:57 2005

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