In my experience, Suspend has always been flakey. I'll have to give Hibernate a shot.
--Mr. Lex Sat May 21 13:14:45 2005
IME, Suspend depends on how much available memory you have. It's always flakey for me but then I tend to have little space. I run 98, anyway, which seems to find any reason it wants to cut out.
--catherine Sat May 21 20:43:28 2005
One technical difference between Suspend and Hibernate is that the former stores information in RAM, while the latter stores it on disk. This allows hibernate to completely turn the machine off, while suspend requires the RAM to continue getting power so as not to lose the data.
--Max Sun May 22 11:47:24 2005
So is there any disadvantage to Hibernating as compared to Shutting Down the whole computer?
--Mr. Lex Sun May 22 12:07:22 2005
I guess in theory it's good to restart properly once in a while, as it ensures that everything shuts down correctly and gives the OS and apps a chance to initialize themselves. But generally, hibernating should work fine on a day to day basis.
--Max Sun May 22 18:21:43 2005
Yeah, with all these patches, I'm "encouraged" to do a full power cycle somewhat regularly...
--Kirk Mon May 23 09:17:41 2005

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