yes, your warship
93.7 may not have a link since it recently changed over. I dunno. It was Star, but now it's Mike FM! I kinda like it. Yesterday, I gave it 107.9's spot on my first FM preset, mainly because the second preset is all VT channels.

Anyway, it's real website is at
in case you were wondering.
--Candi Sat May 28 09:13:09 2005
Hm, yeah...and I noticed there's which claims to offer Star in online format.;action=display;threadid=13618
claims the new format is based on a increasingly used "Jack" format -- "think iPod on shuffle mode, no DJs" -- it has a bigger library but sounds like its cheaper to produce.

Was Star one of the last "black" targetted stations in the area?
--Kirk Sat May 28 09:17:12 2005
Yeah, it was just a bunch of club/dance music before. It wasn't all that great to listen to, but I suppose if you actually liked that music it would be good.

I tend to just stick to rock though. 101, 104.1, 107.3, 100.7, and 98.5 and 107.9 were in there for good measure.

We put 93.7 on yesterday when we finished listening to a cd i had on, and they were playing Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice.

It doesn't get more random than that.
--Candi Sat May 28 09:51:39 2005
Oh, I LOVE IT! That takes out a good bit of work, and lets me concentrate on detail work that goes into fixing etexts, like *bold* and /italics/ conventions you see sometimes, or if an author is from just that right spot in the late 19th century that he uses lots of ellipses or emdashes that don't get rendered in a useful manner, or else they use characters in section breaks-- sweet. Thanks for this cool tool! It didn't balk one bit when I dropped _20,000 Leagues Under the Seas_ onto it. Sweet.
--LAN3 Sat May 28 15:59:34 2005
Entourage had (has) some great text tools that I am still waiting for ANYONE ELSE to copy in their email clients. The best of course, was "fix line breaks" which could take any wierd mangled email wrapping (with quoting) and sort it out. It was so nice. The rest of the app was too clunky to use though.
--Mr. Ibis. Mon May 30 14:18:15 2005
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