damn camps!
I remember doing the "smooth" routine back in the day with Lin, Jeff Shaffer & you. Forgot until I read this.
--Beau Sun May 29 19:50:30 2005
Oh man, is THAT where I got it from?

Jeez, remember that time w/ Jeff trying to chug a 2 liter outside my house in Clevlenad Heights? "uh...I'm ok...I just need to burp..." -- some burp...
--Kirk Sun May 29 22:42:59 2005
seeing a 4 year old pull that off would probably blow my cute fuses. I'll have to try the "workcamps" variation sometime.
--Mr. Ibis Mon May 30 14:15:03 2005
Cool! That's a cveler way of looking at it!
--Karinthia Sat Apr 23 21:53:48 2011
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