quack quack waddle waddle!
quack quack waddle waddle!
Pop trio Atomic Kitten will reform to play a concert in support of jailed Liverpool football fan Michael Shields...
--Winston Ross Sun Feb 18 09:25:33 2007
r's BLOG at http://darthside.blogspot.com . Already, it's a lot better than the movies.
--Mr. Lex Tue May 31 09:25:05 2005
When I say the title of today's post this went through my mind:

Honk, honk, raddle, raddle, raddle, crash, beep, beep (x2)

--Beau Tue May 31 18:35:44 2005
Heh, I just introduced that song to Ksenia...
--Kirk Wed Jun 1 08:33:02 2005
Uh, Beau, that would be "Honk, honk, *rattle, rattle*, crash, beep, beep." It was in reference to an old Ford, after all!
--KELM Wed Jun 1 08:34:09 2005
Well, I wsa going to mention that. But either Beau's talent isn't spelling, or he was misled by or goofing on "waddle waddle"...
--Kirk Wed Jun 1 15:08:05 2005
Well ... my talents are definitely limited and I think I just had a good old brain fart when I wrote it. Sorry!
--Beau Thu Jun 2 06:52:33 2005
Well, it's funny how what you just read can sometimes influence what you're about to (mis)type. I see that happening with me all the time.
--Kirk Thu Jun 2 07:07:54 2005

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