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Heh. I never noticed that, either. I also never noticed, until it was pointed out in an article, that the FedEx logo contains an arrow in it. This led to me noticing the same about the channel 5 logo.
--Max Thu Jun 2 07:01:40 2005
Yeah, I didn't see the FedEx arrow 'til someone pointed it out:
is the story.

I couldn't google up the Channel 5 logo you were talking about. What's the callsign for the station, do you remember?
--Kirk Thu Jun 2 07:11:46 2005
--Max Thu Jun 2 07:20:10 2005
Oh, huh...not 100% positive that I'd see it if I wasn't looking for it, though it's less hidden then with FedEx.
--Kirk Thu Jun 2 07:38:51 2005
Making the sorting tool case insensitive might be a good revision. Other than comp sci geeks, most people don't think of "apple" as coming after "Xylophone." :)
--Max Fri Jun 3 07:03:58 2005
Max, good call, added as a checkbox option (default on)
--Kirk Fri Jun 3 07:35:42 2005
And added a reverse option (default off)
And since I had those checkboxes, I made it so it preserves the input from last time, and added a "clear form" link (link, not button, I hate forms with two grey pushbuttons...)
--Kirk Fri Jun 3 07:46:18 2005

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