i've never seen a purple cow and i hope i never see one
Many veg*ns think that wearing fake or faux fur is wrong, bsaucee they say it makes people want to wear real fur. If these veg*ns think its wrong of them to do so then its only fair and logical to ask these veg*ns that do so, that its hypocritical for them to eat fake or faux meat products when they are against the use of another fake or faux animal product.But then again have you ever seen tinned ham or meat in the shape of an animal. For something to be fake or faux, it would have to be in the likeness of something, in this case its not the what the fake or faux meat looks like but what it tastes like.If there eating it, bsaucee it has the taste and the texture of a real chicken then its only logicial to suggest that they do miss real chicken, othe wise why don't they not make it in the texture or taste of real chicken and called or soya slices or what ever its made of.Mom
--Paris Tue Apr 24 17:10:17 2012

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