Dagnabbit, Kirk, I coulda used that yesterday. Moving a coworker into a laptop, something that's taken a few weeks because filesharing never works for long in our domain, and we have a small fileserver in comparison to the volume of files to be moved, here. Anyway, I had moved all his files, now I just had to move the last 45 or so files that had changed since I moved the bulk of the files-- theones he used this week, in other words. The transplant was made a little harder by the directory structure, but restoring them meant whole lot of two-explorers action. (Next time I'm going to fudge it and use the files and settings transfer wizard on just those few files; now that I know how well it seems to cope with pre-existing files and directories.)
--LAN3 Sat Jun 4 11:02:43 2005

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