punk and cheap and phony
Love the Hunter S. Thompson quote. I have been a long-time fan of his writing and persona. When he died, I hadn't heard any news reports. A friend asked me, "Did you hear about Hunter?" Somehow I knew, and I said "He shot himself, didn't he?" My friend looked at me like I was some sort of mystic. Anyone famliar with Hunter's life and work realizes it wasn't like I was pulling that out of thin air.
--Cole Wed Jun 8 10:46:37 2005
Pictures - well, road type stuff has gotten pretty prevalent in our lives. =D
--Mr. Lex Wed Jun 8 13:43:21 2005
Stuff on Kirk's Camera, Final Day??

But I like stuff on Kirk's camera!
--Candi Wed Jun 8 15:53:12 2005
Well, I mean, final of this batch. I'm sure there will be more. In fact I'm thinking about making "photobook iii", which I'll probably assemble by looking at posts here on kisrael... (which I guess makes it a little less exciting.)
--Kirk Thu Jun 9 08:22:00 2005

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