sign of the z!
I was in Barnes and Noble once, and when they didn't have the DVD I desired, they offered to order it for me, and while I wasn't thrilled about coming out to pick it up, he said "well, I can order it from our website and it'll get shipped to you," which is what happened. Better still, though I paid right then and there, I got the price instead of the in-store price, which was a considerable discount, and it arrived at work in short order.
--LAN3 Fri Jun 10 17:52:37 2005
Zorro -
From the TV theme song.

"Zorro - the FOX so cunning and free.
Zorro - who makes the sign of the Z."

But I guess you gotta be way old like me to remember that.

--YELAS Sat Jun 11 10:50:41 2005
Yeah, I didn't even realize there was a TV show...
--Kirk Sat Jun 11 10:53:51 2005

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