Occasionally I have the urge to get a tattoo. But then I realize I have no idea where I would want it (conflict between visible & discrete), nor what design I would want in the first place. I guess I can't tie the core of my being to artwork.

I am amazed by the amount of body artwork that some people have. And I wonder how they will feel about it in 20+ years.
--ericball Mon Jun 13 11:22:51 2005
I definately have an idea for a tattoo, one that does tie into the core being, but I'm still not sure I want to go through with it...a small b+w alienbill, like the one that graces the bottom of the kisrael.com page itself. Probably on my shoulder, hidden by short sleeves, visible w/ tank tops or if i don't have a shirt on.

Just an idea. I probably won't act on it, so mom, Aunt Susan, climb down off the ledge...
--Kirk Mon Jun 13 11:34:52 2005
Thank you for the last part. I think Llara's full back tiger is enough for one family, no? You might also want to check with her re: the pain.
--YELAS Mon Jun 13 13:08:22 2005
Well hers is a great big one, right? Mine would be a small lil' thing. And I have a reasonable threshold for pain I think. (I just like to whine about it at the time to get it to stop.)
--Kirk Mon Jun 13 16:58:27 2005
I know quite a few people who work in computing who have piercings, and the 'long hair on men' look is so common as to make short hair unusual. Programmers etc tend to be alternative sorts; this does not impair their g33k sk1llz.
--Catherine Mon Jun 13 17:53:41 2005
My dad's side of the family is a big fan of tattoos. I don't really understand them. I feel out of place at family gatherings because I'm not inked and I don't have any piercings. I just quite frankly don't understand them. They say it's "art." Art? I don't think so. If I was meant to have a flaming shamrock on the back of my head (like my dad has) or extra holes in my head to hold jewlrey, I would have evolved with them.

I don't mind other people with tattoos or piercings. It's just not for me. Plus what would I get a tattoo of? e=mc^2?
--Candi Mon Jun 13 18:36:09 2005
Kirk, Alienbill is such a small and uncomplicated design that you could have it done anywhere you want, small enough to cover, and people who didn't know otherwise would at worse assume that somebody drew it on you earlier that day. Heck, you could get it on the back of your hand. An army of Alienbills, though...

--LAN3 Tue Jun 14 02:18:14 2005
Yeah, I'll hold off "an army" untill they have animated tattoos, powered by my own body chemistry, and I can do http://kisrael.com/viewblog.cgi?date=2003.12.20 on my upper back.
--Kirk Tue Jun 14 06:47:43 2005
Catherine: I think the long-hair, pierced look is a lot more popular with developers than with IT folks. The latter tend to either be blue-collar, smoke-during-break types who often started their careers with telecom companies, or white-collar professional types who are pretty clean-cut, if a bit heavier and less well-dressed than their finance/sales counterparts. Developers, on the other hand, are a breed unto themselves, though even that career has become a lot more mainstream in recent years.
--Max Tue Jun 14 15:33:25 2005
P.S. I fall in the category of the "white-collar professional types..."
--Max Tue Jun 14 15:34:06 2005

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