more laffy, less taffy!
Plus, of course, the baker beats the dough, not the bread.
</grammar nazi>
--Catherine Thu Jun 16 07:58:11 2005
Yeah, I meant to imply that more storngly.

<nazi type="html">Plus you forgot to open your "grammar nazi" tag that you close there...</nazi>
--Kirk Thu Jun 16 08:39:34 2005
I recall that some of the fictitious companies set up by Enron to pay them fictitious revenue were chock full of Star Wars references, which suggests they left the job of coming up with names to a very small group of geeks.
--LAN3 Thu Jun 16 12:26:34 2005
I used to get popsicles because they had jokes on the popsicle sticks. When I wanted popsicles last week, the store didn't have any REGULAR popsicles and I was disappointed. So, I got creamsicles and they don't have jokes. Each time I have one, I wish for a joke. I'll message people and ask them to tell me a joke, but apparently people don't keep jokes at their disposal because noone has told me a joke.
--Candi Fri Jun 17 07:21:28 2005
Can I claim it's XML?
--Catherine Sat Jun 18 11:34:01 2005
Well, the last joke I was involved in was one around binary, which ended up in someone being bitten (not me, although I was later for no good reason at all)

I shall have to think of some good jokes and put them in the sidebar for you :-)

And Kirk - I deliberately didn't open my grammar tag. Nurrr!
--Catherine Sat Jun 18 11:35:51 2005

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