a lighthouse gone mad from loneliness
hey, you have my copy of that, right? teriffic book.
--FoSO Mon Jun 20 11:56:13 2005
heh, yeah, just finished it...though actually technically it was a $5 copy I picked up from Brookline Booksmith, wasn't sure if it was the one I was borrowing or not, but for $5, what the hey.
--Kirk Mon Jun 20 12:46:47 2005
I don't think I've ever dreamt about you!

A dream with Kirk Israel...
--Candi Mon Jun 20 12:52:06 2005
I don't know if that's scary or interesting. =d
--Mr. Lex Mon Jun 20 14:23:40 2005
Why not both?
--Kirk Mon Jun 20 20:51:47 2005

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