chicken in the car and the car won't go (backlog flush #53)
i very much love frank lloyd wright's home and studio. it's a little outside of town, but i'm sure there's a tour that would take you there.
--FoSO Tue Jun 21 07:28:56 2005
Kirk, Here's a fun game for you... Go visit a Staples store and look for my picture in the posters above the shelves. (It's only in the Chicago stores, not nationwide.)
--Cagey Tue Jun 21 11:19:27 2005
You're kidding.

I knew you were cute and all, but Chicagoland Staples Poster Gal? Wow.
--Kirk Tue Jun 21 12:11:21 2005
Yup, so your task is now to head to Staples and report back on what office product I am displaying.
--Cagey Tue Jun 21 14:23:13 2005
Here's a couple things to do in Chicago: go to the top of the Hancock building at night to see the amazing view and have a cocktail, check out the Lincoln Park Zoo for free, at night, walk south on Michigan Ave. from, say. . .the Art Institute until, on your left, you see these two huge towers with water falling down the sides and tons of people running around and splashing (believe me, it's really worth it. . .there's a pretty interesting media thing happening) and around 9:30 or 10ish or 10:15ish at night on Wednesday and/or Saturday, go to the end of Navy Pier. They send off some amazing fireworks! The aquarium can be fun, too, but there'll probably be tons of camp kids running around. . .scary!

As for food, check out Klay Oven for their brunch. Amazing and inexpensive! I was just there only a couple weeks ago, and I forget the address, damnit!

Evanston is really nice for restaurants, too, if you don't mind taking the red line north to the purple line a little further north. That might be more interesting to future residence of the area (like me!), though.

Otherwise, I really can't think of much else for you to do, off hand. It's an awfully nice city to just walk around, too.

E-mail me if you want any other ideas. I'll check with the girlfriend.

Have fun in that lovely city that has captured my heart.
--Mr. Lex Tue Jun 21 14:59:28 2005
Oh yeah, forgot to warn you: If you do go to Navy Pier at night, make sure to bring a sweatshirt, sweater or fleece. It's very windy and something like 10 degrees colder there.

Again, have fun!
--Mr. Lex Tue Jun 21 15:06:35 2005
I play volleyball on Wednesday nights on North Avenue Beach in Chicago. Our game tonight is at 6:30 - you should come watch! Although there are a ton of vball matches going on at once, which is a sight in tiself.
--Chitown Girl Wed Jun 22 14:06:08 2005

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