chicken in the car and the car won't go (backlog flush #54)
Man, you staying in Schaumburg?
--Mr. Lex Wed Jun 22 06:24:57 2005
Yeah, to be in walking distance of the training, though it makes getting to the train station a pain.
--Kirk Wed Jun 22 07:11:54 2005
I love the "MC Escher" mall. . .. =D

How is the blue line, anyway?

Too bad you didn't have your training a couple weeks around Memorial Day weekend or we didn't plan our vacation around this time. It would've been fun to meet up and have that whole "Uh. . .we live near each other at home, but we're hanging out in Chicago. . .."

BTW, did you know that people who live in Schaumburg don't pay property taxes because sales taxes takes care of everything?
--Mr. Lex Wed Jun 22 08:15:47 2005
Whatever you do, skip the Cheesecake Factory at the mall - I got a wicked case of food poisoning the last time I was there. As in "an alien parasite is trying to claw it's way out from my stomach" type of pain, followed by a freaked out Jesse and a trip to the ER. 

Cheesecake Factory bad.

But if you get into the city, check out the following: cocktails at the Hancock Tower - very swank and a better view (and less annoying tourists) than the Sears tower; the Lincoln Park zoo (it's free); Klay Oven @ corner of Orleans & Hubbard (best Indian lunch buffet ever for $9); Star of Siam @ corner of State & Illinois (one block East of Michigan Ave for superb Thai food); Museum campus - the Aquarium & Oceanarium (with dolphin shows & beluga whales), the Field Museum (there's a huge new dinosaur fossil exhibit), and the Planetarium.

There's a free trolley service that runs along the major tour routes in the city - you can go from Museum campus to downtown, or Michigan Ave on I believe either the red or green trolley line, and the purple trolley line runs from Watertower Place (at the end of Michigan Ave) to Lincoln Park. Trolleys run every 20 min. from 9-6.

If you're still there by Friday & Saturday, the Taste of Chicago starts this weekend, too. It's a massive food festival where local restaurants set up stands in Grant Park (around the Art Institute).

You can get anywhere in the city by either bus or train, too. There should be a commuter train from Schaumburg to downtown.

Don't get lost in the MC Escher mall!
--Halfpint Wed Jun 22 08:41:27 2005
As a correction approved by Halfpint: Star of Siam is West (that is, away from the Lake) of Michigan Ave., not East.
--Mr. Lex Wed Jun 22 08:46:21 2005
Haven't gone into the city yet, so no blue line action. Hopefully soon though.
--Kirk Wed Jun 22 08:50:56 2005
I loved the river tour, the open top double decker bus ride, the water tower exhibit, the Art Institute, glorious architecture -
it's really a city to in which to be delighted!
--yelm Wed Jun 22 12:35:47 2005
Drool. . .Chicago. =D

I can't wait to live there in about a year.
--Mr. Lex Wed Jun 22 23:20:22 2005

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