chicken in the car and the car won't go (backlog flush #55)
Oh man, in the second image Bill Gates has that 'come hither' look down!
--Candi Thu Jun 23 07:32:39 2005
chicken in the car and the car *won't* go.....THAT'S the way you spell Chicago!
--YELM Thu Jun 23 10:04:31 2005
The premier episode of NOVA:ScienceNow, a few months ago, had a story about the brain's mirror neurons, which are a bafflingly stupid part of your brain that can't tell the difference between what you're doing in real life and what you're watching others doing. It doesn't know if you're actually running a touchdown or just watching it on TV.

Fortunately, Nova ScienceNow is teh aw3some, so you can watch the segment on the web:
--LAN3 Thu Jun 23 15:41:03 2005
Oooh, NPR just did a story on the mirror neuron:
--LAN3 Tue Jul 5 11:34:07 2005
Stands back from the keyboard in amazeemnt! Thanks!
--Tory Tue Sep 6 04:16:22 2011
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