chicken in the car and the car won't go (backlog flush #58)
Maybe it's research that I've done into attempted utopian communities in America, but I just really didn't find the strict church article very satisfying. I guess the author answer the question put forward by the article, but they didn't go any deeper into the answer, which really felt superficial.
--Mr. Lex Sun Jun 26 11:59:28 2005
Prolifers will always be around. There are people who believe life begins at conception, and the sperm and the egg don't even find each other for practically a week after conception.
--Nick Bensema Sun Jun 26 14:18:56 2005
I'm not sure if you had a slip-up...I think sperm and egg meeting IS conception, and some people think it begins at that intercourse, with conception happening a week thereafter?
--Kirk Sun Jun 26 23:50:56 2005

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