chicago photos - night
Checked out all the Chicago pics. You really have a great knack for taking some really amazing pictures. Looks like it was a good time.
--Beau Sun Jul 3 20:43:42 2005
Kirk, I want to hear more about "Game On!" as we'll be getting it in Seattle this Spring.
--LAN3 Mon Jul 4 00:51:20 2005
"Game On!" was only ok. It might have been better if it had been an off-season weekday.

The main appeal is by far the games. It mostly consists of like 10 chambers with nuthin' but games from all eras. I think there is some purposeful grouping going on, but overall it seems a little random. Arcade games, consoles, and handhelds all get attention. And like any exhibit w/ lots of kids it has its share of busted things.

It had a few "behind the scenes" looks at stuff like Golden Tee golf, some production work for the laserdisc carton games Dragons Lair and Space Ace, a listening station with some sets of game music (shown in the photos I took I think), a few generic attempts at non-game but interactive exhibits. Admittedly it was a little crowded when I went and my co-viewer wasn't that into games in general (her favorite seemed to be the chunky glory of Cookie Monster Munch on the 2600) and so I might not have been paying as close attention, but overall I didn't pick up a big theme or message, it was just a big hunk o' games.
--Kirk Mon Jul 4 07:36:30 2005
Beau, thanks.
I guess having an "eye" for it helps, but you just keep a few simple rules in mind, try to think about what will be interesting later (people are usually more interesting than things), try to avoid the "here's the two of us standing way in front of someting famous" cliche...not that I don't have plenty of my own cliches I use.
--Kirk Mon Jul 4 08:28:25 2005
Oh, and Beau-- the other trick is to always have a small camera handy.

If I remember rightly you have a small fact, it's the one that made me notice that the little convex reflective surface on the front of camera isn't just a decorative button, it lets you judge the angle when taking a self-portrait...
--Kirk Mon Jul 4 14:29:55 2005
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--Itim Tue Apr 24 21:55:28 2012

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