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I write mainly in cursive because it's faster than printing and when I actually print something out, it looks weird to me. I think the worst thing to try to figure out how to write are greek letters. The worst one for me is xi, and I always forget what it's called so I refer to it as 'squiggly line' because that is exactly what it is.
--Candi Mon Jul 4 21:19:03 2005
Yeah, I dabbled about returning to cursive for taing meeting notes for a bit, after seeing how it was at least easier in a low-rez paint program for a friend of mine (we were passing notes during a boring concert.)
--Kirk Tue Jul 5 06:24:23 2005
yes, I was at Navy Pier recently too, and stayed for the fireworks. Better view than anything I'd seen on Fourth of July.
--Nick B Tue Jul 5 13:44:39 2005
Better view, huh?

I just had a GREAT view of a very decent medium-sized display at Asbury Park, NJ...they were launched from the beach, and people could go right up to the edge of the roped off area, roughly a football field in size. Some of the larger ones took up like all the sky to the start of my perephiel vision...
--Kirk Tue Jul 5 19:02:04 2005

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