wart of the worlds
I'm sorry, but there is no way I'm going outside on a mostly-cloudy to sunny day without sunscreen. If I went outside for 15 minutes without sunscreen, I would burn! And I hate the feeling of my skin burning, personally I don't like being cooked alive.

And it's hard to get people to wear sunscreen. Studies like these ones, no matter how much they say don't stay in the sun all day, won't help matters any.
--Candi Wed Jul 6 08:23:25 2005
I wore sunscreen....probably shoulda reapplied after jumping around the ocean, despite the alleged waterproofness.
--Kirk Wed Jul 6 08:52:09 2005
I didn't read any reviews for the "War of the Worlds." I didn't think much during the movie. I just kept on feeling like I was in the main character's place and the fear I would feel in that situation. I guess the movie made me feel as if I were there. I guess I just got brought in by the visuals.

But yeah, good questions, which does allude to the need for more "REAL" science fiction, as in imaginative on the hard side about actual ORIGINAL ideas about science or society rather than the postmodern imagination. Damn WS Burroughs for pushing the edges of literature and science fiction to the postmodern!
--Mr. Lex Wed Jul 6 09:05:58 2005
Well, sci-fi is always a sounding board and often is a way of talking about current society.

The trouble was, "for me", Tom Cruise's character's situation felt artifical. It was more of a traditional horror flick, with malevolence directed at Tom Cruise, than what I'd expect in a similar "real" situation.
--Kirk Wed Jul 6 09:36:02 2005
Guess I was getting off on the horror and terror because the feeling I felt was very primal. At the same time, I didn't feel like it got dumbed down as much as say, Nightmare on Elm Street ad infinitum or some other slasher film, even if it was derivative of the genre it purported to be in. Nonetheless, I have to admit that I felt cheated in the end, when the son survived.
--Mr. Lex Wed Jul 6 09:40:59 2005
You should do Spoiler warnings....
not that it matters that much, since it was so poorly handled in the movie anyway.
--Kirk Wed Jul 6 10:08:46 2005
Doh! It's been so long since I had any "public" correspondence about something that's broadcasted to the public.
--Mr. Lex Wed Jul 6 10:23:46 2005
My solution...I don't do virtual terror and horror. Life then has a much higher sweet proportion.
--YELM Wed Jul 6 11:42:28 2005

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