i don't know much about art. but i know what i like.
I find the images uncomfortably disturbing, even if they are sleep experiences. I think I've watched one too many Law and Order episodes.
--YELM Thu Jul 14 07:25:01 2005
Someone sent me a video of the faces of women getting waxed, shall we say, in the bikini area. Not all first-timers, but many. This reminded me of that. It was filmed from the mid-chest up, so while one could see any friends they brought in for support, it wasn't lewd.

YELM, once you gave me the idea of the L&O aspect, it is a little creepy.
--LAN3 Fri Jul 15 00:45:34 2005
heh, someone took some of those images and submitted them in postcard form to postsecret:
--LAN3 Sun Jul 17 02:52:22 2005

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