so unlike anything, don't you know, if you know what i mean.
Wow. . .you brought up one of those media paradoxes that really I love but hate at the same time. I love that there's so much material out there to read and choose from, but I hate that I don't have the time to read it and love the Metro for that, even though I kind of wish the Metro had more or wasn't just a wee bit more comprehensive.
--Mr. Lex Tue Jul 19 10:24:54 2005
I would happily pay like 10 or maybe even 25 cents just to get the Sidekick. And not having to worry about what to do with the rest of it...
--Kirk Tue Jul 19 10:57:50 2005
I have to say that I only have a subscription for the sunday edition of the local right-wing newspaper (as opposed to the three left-wing local/national newspapers). Not only do I get their weekly editorial columnists, but I get the sunday comics and the TV guide. For ultra-local news & advertising I get a free regional newspaper three times a week. Even with only those, I am only able to keep up before they get put in the recycling bin.
--ericball Tue Jul 19 11:43:19 2005
I can't even keep up!
--Mr. Lex Tue Jul 19 12:55:13 2005

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