smell of mystery
The little victories in life mean so much.
--Beau Sun Jul 31 18:41:12 2005
One time my kitchen began to reek. I scrubbed every counter, cleaned my stove and oven, and even searched the pantry for stray sesame seeds from that time I spilled them months earlier.

For some reason, it was stronger near the sink, so I also cleaned the garbage disposal.

Finally, after about five days, I found the culprit -- in my dish cupboard, there was a tupperware container that was a little too heavy to have been empty.

I don't know how the smell got out, because both the container and the Ziploc bag should have been airtight. And yet, the leftover raw chicken inside was stinking everything up. 

I had intended to put it in the fridge for the next day, but somehow I got distracted and forgot about it until it was time to clean up. By then, I'd forgotten that I'd put anything in it, and the impassive white lid gave me an assumption that the act of lifting the container should have cancelled out.

Lesson: Putting away leftovers in advance is part of the food prep stage, not the cleanup stage.
--Nick B Sun Jul 31 20:23:46 2005
--FoSO Mon Aug 1 10:32:22 2005
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--Laquisha Fri Jan 6 16:47:12 2012

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