crrrrrackk BOOOOOM
You're lucky, the southeast PA area has been getting hammered with very violent thunderstorms this summer.
--xoxoxo Bruce Tue Aug 2 13:52:51 2005
Has there been a lot of damage?

If not I'm jealous...
--Kirk Tue Aug 2 14:19:53 2005
It stormed for a good couple hours last night our air must have been pretty unstable!

This summer most of the storms have been to our north so maybe that's why it's seemed like it's been a while. As far as I know, it's been average to above average for thunderstorms in the past couple years.
--Candi Tue Aug 2 21:03:16 2005
Not big damage, lots of trees died, power lines down and cellar treasure floating.
--xoxoxo Bruce Wed Aug 3 16:06:37 2005
But SATC is just about *shoes*! Shoes, I tell you! I watched about ten minutes of it once and gave up in disgust. Quite lip Nip/Tuck, though. Except the gory bits.
--Catherine Thu Aug 4 09:07:06 2005
Actually, you're not "sticking it to the man" when you avoid buying popcorn. You're sticking it to the theater. The $10 you spent on the ticket goes directly to Hollywood, USA, where they will spend it on "Dude, Where's My Car 2".
--Nick B Fri Aug 5 02:11:35 2005

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