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HHAmyn Unbelievable. Class..!
--buy cheap oem software Sun Feb 12 00:00:37 2012
Thanks for the input Chris. I have now changed my car and intaesd of the Alpine HU I am back to the Audi supplied systems. However these days you can ask for an iPod connector pre-fitted into the glove box. Surprise, surprise, it is the Dension system again so I am back to where I was four years ago!It does work with the iPhone even though it complains about it not being compatible. It works well with the iPod touch, too better than I expected. It took a while for it to simply work with an older 3G ipod and the original iPod Nano from about three years ago but it did kick in to gear eventually. I didn't need to run any updates at all. The system does power all of the iPods I've tried it with  which is pretty much everything since 3G ones that hav a dock connector. And it leaves the control on the iPod but gives me a basic control via the head unit.So I'm a little baffled as to why yours doesn't charge and why it switched to the different control system.
--Edu Sun Jan 13 05:41:35 2013

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